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Main Headquarters:  432-934-0433
Downtown Office:  432-332-8171
52nd St Office:  432-362-1414
Audio Response:  1-800-866-1451

Lost or Stolen Debit Card:  1-800-472-3272
Debit Card PIN Change:  1-800-567-3451
MasterCard Fraud Dept:  1-800-238-8604
Bill Pay Member Service:  1-844-699-9945


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Who owns a credit union?
Who can join West Texas Credit Union?
Are my Savings deposits insured?
What are the current interest rates and fees?
I forgot my password to Online Banking. What should I do?
I'm locked out of Online Banking. What should I do?
What is the difference between Overdraft Protection and Courtesy Pay?
Can I change my PIN number on my debit card?
Will a hold be placed on my deposited check?
What is my Routing Number?
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